FULKUMARI BAPUJI CLUB, initiated child line 1098 scheme in Dhubri district for providing welfare services to distress children and its functions are as follows

In Child line, we follow an action process which starts at the first call and continues till child in need of Care and Protection is safely rehabilitated. To put it simply, our work includes several stages which are-

Call 1098 Any Child or a concerned adult can dial The Child line 1098 helpline, which operates night and day.

Connected to Child line Centre-

You call is received by the Child line Centre where details about the situation are taken from the Caller and Child line units are mobilised if necessary.

Rescue in 60 minutes-

Once Child line has enough details about children in distress. The Child line team rushes to help children within 60 minutes to bring children out of the emergency situation.


Once Child line intervenes helps the child, it works multiple Stake holders such as police authorities, child protection board, Social workers and Counsellors. Children consent and participation is an important component of this process from response to intervention.

Rehabilitation and follow-up-

After the interaction to ensure The Child’s Continued Safety, Child line proceeds to find long-term rehabilitation for the child. For this, The Child line team does constant follow ups with the Child-Meeting the family of the visiting the shelter if a child has been assigned to stay in one.

Need for Transparency Accountability.

Child line works for the protection of the rights of all children in general. But its special focus is on all children in need of care and protection, especially the more vulnerable sections, which include:

  1. Street children and youth living alone on the streets.
  2. Child labours working in the unorganised and organized sectors.
  3. Domestic help, especially girl domestics.
  4. Children affected by physical/ sexual/ emotional abuse in family, schools or institutions.
  5. Children who need emotional support and guidance
  6. Children of commercial sex workers.
  7. Child victims of the flesh trade.
  8. Victims of child trafficking.
  9. Children abandoned by parents or guardians.
  10. Missing children.
  11. Run away children.
  12. Children who are victims of substance abuse.
  13. Differently-able children.
  14. Children in conflict with the law.
  15. Children in institutions.
  16. Mentally challenged children.
  17. HIV/AIDS infected children.
  18. Children affected by conflict and disaster.
  19. Child political refugees.
  20. Children whose families are in crises.

A child – friendly that guarantees the rights and protection of all children.

CHILDLINE in action

The activities of CHILDLINE include

  • The CHILDLINE tram receives & responds to the calls
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Direct assistance: medical, shelter, protection from abuse, death, missing children, intensive counselling
  • On phone: Emotional support and guidance, information and referral to services for the caller, information about CHILDLINE, silent call
  • Long – term rehabilitation
  • After the emergency needs of the child have been addresses, CHILDLINE explores options with the child to study, learn a trade, go back home etc. Based on the decision of the child, CHILDLINE links the child to an appropriate organisation in the city.


The CHILDLINE is in response to the Child Rights Convention.  CHILDLINE is seen as a one point window; connecting children in need to various NGO’s working for child related issues. CHILDLINE works towards ensuring that all children in need of care and protection are aware of and have access to services, that are child friendly, available when they want it and encourage them to participate in decisions that affect them.





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